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Social Security Rules for Divorce and Spousal Benefits

Learn what Social Security benefits you're entitled to when you've been married (and divorced) more than once.
Social Security COLA

COLA Increase Announced for Social Security

The Social Security Administration announced a substantial COLA increase for Social Security recipients. Will it make a difference?

Best Defense from Scams? Common Sense.

Over the past year, we have received many calls from clients about different types of scams. Fortunately, most have been about how they avoided being scammed. Yet, unfortunately, a few have fallen prey. These scams typically appeal to fear or greed, with the perpetrators knowing how to “push the right button” to get their victims […]
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Social Security System is Not Going Away

Retirement security and protection against the risks of disability and premature death are among the most important challenges families face when they contemplate their financial goals and objectives. Americans have developed a structure of social insurance, called the Social Security system, to help provide a foundation for success in these areas. However, in recent times, […]

Making the Most of Your Social Security Benefits: A Strategy for Widows

Elizabeth (name changed) contacted her financial advisor after her husband passed away earlier this year. One of the important issues discussed was the proper strategy to use in order to maximize her Social Security benefits. Elizabeth is 64 years old and earning $150,000 per year, with plans to retire at age 66. Her late spouse […]

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