Who We Serve

Everyone deserves to achieve a life well lived, where their personal and financial goals have been met.

Achieving financial independence means different things to different people. That is why the comprehensive plans we develop are tailored to the needs and dreams of every client.

For retired individuals, this may be developing an income strategy that helps balance the need for financial security with the desire to meet personal spending goals.

For business owners and executives, this may mean wisely investing sizeable bonuses and pay-outs.

For newly married couples and young families, it may mean planning for the purchase of a home or the birth or adoption of a child.

For trustees, we offer guidance on how best to invest and manage the assets you’ve been charged with keeping safe.

And as part of our intergenerational family wealth planning service, we talk with new graduates who want to better understand how to start their careers on the right financial footing.

We take pride in the fact that we serve clients at every level with the same amount of care. Whether you are struggling with highly complex issues or a myriad of issues faced by many middle-income families, our team approach assures you the attention you need and deserve.

There are several common “life events” that prompt the need to take stock of one’s financial life.


Sale of a Business


Sale of a Major Asset

Major Investment Gain or Loss


Promotion or Change in Employment

Significant Signing or Performance Bonus


Starting a Family

Being Named a Trustee

Each of these life events and circumstances brings with it change, and the need to adapt and plan.

Everyone has goals – some financial, some personal. They are inextricably linked. A thoughtful conversation with one of our caring professionals will help you identify ways to achieve them. Clients appreciate our personal touch and responsive natures. They call on us for just about anything, including questions related to specific investments, brainstorming ways to fulfill their estate planning desires, or even for advice on the best way to handle mortgage and car payments and payoffs.

We invite your further inquiry, and look forward to welcoming you as a client.